RIP Windows 7. Do you know what to do next?

This week Microsoft ceased support for Windows 7 so they can focus on more modern technologies.  If you still run Windows 7, do you know what this means and what you can do?

by | Jan 19, 2020 | Digital Business, Security

Microsoft no longer publish updates (including the all-important Security Updates that help keep your PC’s safe). In short – if a hacker finds a flaw in windows 7, Microsoft will not fix it, leaving you at risk.

Without these updates, Windows 7 machines are much more likely to be infected with malware and viruses.

Microsoft is urging people to move to their Windows 10 operating system, selling for £120.

It has been reported that around 25% of Windows users are still running Windows 7.

Whilst it is possible to run Windows 10 on old PCs it might not run very well.  Microsoft says PCs must have a 1GHz processor, 16GB of hard drive space, and 1GB of RAM memory.

The UK National Cyber Security Centre have warned Windows 7 users not to do internet banking or send emails after Tuesday.

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