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Build your new site with us 

So you want a fresh new website, that’s fast, works great on mobile and will present your business how you want?

Great, but does the thought of finding a designer, developer and someone to support it fill you with dread?

You start your search for someone to deliver you a new website.  You’ll find marketing agencies, one man band freelancers, web developers, designers, marketers and everything in between.

All of them will tell you they can create an amazing site for you.  Then the problems usually start.  The designer cant code the features you want.  The developer can’t design your pages.  The unanswered emails.  If the site is built, neither of them may be set up to properly manage and support you once the project completes.

Or you decide to find an agency “who can do the whole lot”.  This seems like the perfect solution.  Until you get the price.

Then usually you get fed up with the whole thing and shelve the plan.

We do things a little differently.

The 3 Golden Rules for website success

We’ve been building websites for years and have learned there are 3 simple rules for success when building a new website.  These rules work so well we’ve created our fixed price fully managed website plans around them.

1. Think big, start small, move fast.

Have your big idea, but focus on getting your new site launched as quickly as possible.

The first 5 pages of a 15 page website could be generating business while the rest are being made.

2. Content is King.

This old saying is as true today as ever.  Stand out from your competition by spending as much time as you can on your message and think about what you want a visitor to your site to do.

It’s THE most important part of a website.

3. Keep it simple.

Think about the easiest and fastest way to have your new site working for you.  Do you need to wait for a photographer or can stock images fil in for now?

Will your old content re-imaged buy you some time?  Do you need the email opt-in Day One?

Strip out the complexity and focus on execution.  Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.  We have plenty of time to add all the features you need.

Do you really need bespoke design for your website?

Bespoke design can be very expensive and take a great deal of time.  We truly believe most businesses do not need a hand-designed website.

We also understand you don’t want your business looking like others so we offer a middle ground that produces a great-looking mobile website at a lower cost and much shorter timeline.

We build our plans around pre-designed templates to cut the build time from months to weeks.  We really think they are the right solution for most requirements.

It goes without saying, this site is built using one.

We have over 900 pre-designed templates we choose from and modify these to perfectly match your business identity.

Our plans cannot match every requirement, so if you do need design work or something more involved, please take a look at Projects.

Extremely professional & competent.  Delivered at the estimated budget and great project automation – accept quote, begin work, complete, pay. Highly recommended.

Laurie McConnell

Founder, Big Pacific Creative

Professional, competitive price, great ideas, proactive… a pleasure to deal with.
Adam Straw

Owner, Boat Discovery Ltd

We’ve built our project delivery approach based around these rules, too.  Launching your new site as soon as possible so it can start working for your business is our key objective.

Our Website Plans

We’ve created our plans to give established and growing businesses a fresh new site, fully managed and hosted with development time included each month for ongoing changes for a fixed monthly price for 12 months.  

There are no hidden extras – the price you see is what you will pay but if you want additional pages or features then we can add some time to cover the additional development.

Pay a flat fee each month and at the end of 12 months simply purchase one of our management plans for continued hosting maintenance and support.

Standard Website Plan

Your new site.  Done with you

A fully managed business website with 12 months of hosting, website management and 1 hour of development support time a month included.

  • Up to 10 page layouts included
  • For sites up to 50 pages in size
  • Project Management included
  • Fully managed – Site Management plan included
  • 2 hours of development support each month for enhancements
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) for performance
  • Email opt-in and list setup
  • Facebook pixel installation
  • Performance tuning and monitoring
  • Google Analytics setup and reporting
  • SEO site setup and broken link checking
  • Premium WordPress plugins
  • Monthly website report
  • Weekly WordPress maintenance
  • Staging website for changes and testing
  • Hosting and daily backups

From £249 a month for 12 months

Basic Website Plan

Grow your site with us

Our low cost plan for small businesses, campaign websites and individuals requiring a simple website with email contact form. Full management, hosting and 30m support a month included

  • Up to 5 page layouts included
  • For sites up to 10 pages in size
  • Fully managed – Site Essentials plan included
  • 1 hour of development support each month for enhancements
  • Quarterly website report
  • Monthly WordPress maintenance
  • Staging website for changes and testing
  • Hosting and daily backups

From £50 a month for 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum contract term?

No – but should you wish to cancel on our pay monthly option you will be required to pay the outstanding balance before we transfer the site.


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What is a page and a page layout?
  1. A page holds your content and is served by a different URL
  2. A layout is simply a unique page design.

Most websites need some different page designs to effectively show the content.

For example, if a simple website had a homepage, a contact page and blog page containing blog posts, it would likely need 4 page layouts to be built.

Wikipedia is a good example – one page layout used across nearly 6m pages.

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Can I increase the number of page layouts?
Yes – while both our plans are designed around a number of page layouts these can be increased for a supplemental fee.

Additional layouts can be added for £100 per layout.

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Can I increase the amount of pages?
Yes – if your site is going to be bigger than the plan limit you can increase this for an additional charge.

Additional time needs to be allocated for content upload, QA and ongoing support

Additional pages are £20 each and will be charged as a one-off cost prior to website launch.

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Are paid plugins included?
Plugins often come in 2 versions:  Free and Paid (Premium).

Premium plugins often include features not available within the free version.

Premium Plugins are included in our Standard Website Plan without additional cost.


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What is "content"?
Content is the words and images used to deliver your message within a website.

Content creation and image sourcing is the customer’s responsibility.   We will request content to upload when required.

We can assist with content writing and image selection, at additional cost, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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Are images included in the price?
No.  Image selection is a customer responsibility and if paid images are chosen these will need to be purchased and supplied for addition to the site.

We recommend, and as a good source of commercially-licensed free stock images.


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What design changes can be made?
Unlimited visual changes such as changing font, colours, spacing and images can be made without these being counted against the layout count.

Some structural changes such as spacing, duplicating and repositioning sections may also be made without being classed as a new page layout.

Larger changes will likely result in a new page template being created and counted.


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Is my website supported after launch?
Yes – both plans are fully managed.

Our Standard Website Plan comes with a Site Management Plan included the first year

Our Basic Website Plan is bundled with Site Essentials.

Both plans provide security and maintenance support, development time and hosting.



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What is Support Time?
Support Time is used once a site goes live for making changes and fixing problems.

Standard Website Plans have 2 hours of Support Time each month during the first year.

Basic Website Plans have 1hr

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Need something else?

These plans cover the build of a basic site, perfect for most SME’s.  But we do so much more and can include additional features such as card payments, membership areas, email marketing and API integrations – just tell us what you need and we’ll work out some additional time to cover the additional development.