Stitch Design – On demand web development support

Stitch Design’s online store provides each school with a bespoke themed shop, product display and ordering options. With a high rate of site changes they rely on GorillaHub’s technical expertise with on-demand development support.

Stitch Design is a school clothing and workwear supplier that provides full access to its entire product range through the website. Participating schools have a branded website carrying a predefined project range and parents order and purchase entirely online.

The site is made up of a number of mini e-commerce stores for each school, presented on user login.  Automated inventory and pricing upload reduces manual effort and a built in order amalgamation process batches orders for delivery.GorillaHub supports Stitch’s operation as their technical partner. Site issues or change requests are communicated through our ServiceDesk and following review, an estimate is returned for approvalPer-request pricing allows Stitch to prioritise requests and track costs and all communications are centralised, providing a clear picture of web development requests and progress at any time.

stitch design 1
  • On demand support
  • PHP & Database integration
  • Centralised request management
  • Per request pricing
  • Fully managed hosting and website support

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