Support Time Reporting

We've finished development of My Support, making time reporting available to all customers from January 2020

Introducing My Support

We replaced our old ServiceDesk tool this autumn to give us a flexible foundation to build out useful features for our customers, all presented in a customer portal we call My GorillaHub.

We are starting off by adding support reporting and this is currently being tested and will be rolled out across January & February. This will give you a simple view of your support requests and history and will initially include:

  • Support time used this month
  • This month’s requests and the time allocated to each
  • Last months support requests and time used
  • Any remaining time from your plan and TimeBank

This is the first step towards our objective of making My GorillaHub your single view for all your services and website information.

This will be available to all customer with a website management plan (Site Essentials and Site Management)

Looking ahead

Our plans include connecting our availability, performance and security monitoring tools to provide you with a detailed view of your site’s performance and health. We’re also looking at solutions to show your website visitors and user behaviour as well.

We’ll be in touch with more details when your account has been added.  Thank you for your support this year and we are looking forward to continuing to support your site and digital strategy for 2020.

If this is the kind of care you are looking for for your website, please check out our website management plans or drop us a message and we can get you set up in a few days.



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