Post-Brexit GDPR, data privacy and cookie management
The UK has now left the European Union. Has anything changed regarding GDPR, PECR and data privacy? What might happen over the coming 12 months and do you understand what is required of a business owner?
February 01, 2020

So yesterday the UK entered the transition period to leave the European Union.

Today very little has changed but over the next 12 months, more change will come.  One area that will continue to dominate the headlines will be data privacy.

GDPR came out in 2018 and this year equivalent regulations for California, Washington and Thailand will be made law and many other nations are planning their own – so data privacy is something that is only going to increase in profile as the world starts shifting the balance of power away from the advertising giants.

Google has already announced they want to ban 3rd party cookies in Chrome.  If you understand that statement – give yourself a massive pat on the back.  That probably puts you in the top 10% of business owners that actually understand some of these topics.

If you didn’t? Don’t despair.   Data privacy, especially online, is a complex topic and we’re going to be focusing more on helping our customers in this area this year.  If this is something you’d be interested in, please let us know.



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