Basic Website

Perfect for startups and businesses with simple website requirements.  Ready in as little as a week and fully managed with hosting included.

/month for 12 months
Perfect for Startups or Entrepreneurs

Do you need a fresh looking website that works for your business?

It’s time to think about replacing the website you no longer love but cannot justify spending big bucks replacing. You might have looked at the online builders but you know they’ll probably end up frustrating you with their limitations and hidden costs.

Maybe there isn’t even a website to replace at all  – with your fledgeling business being run from a seemingly random collection of social media pages, landing pages, email lists and Paypal links.  It’s worked brilliantly so far but you know it’s time to bring everything together into a clean looking website.

You have put this off as you don’t have the time to think about it or learn a load of tech skills.  It’s not what you do best, after all.

But how can you get the site you want without the big bill you don’t?

No frills delivery, same quality website

When we set out to create a website plan for freelancers, coaches and startups we started by looking at where the biggest costs in website projects come from.   (Spoiler alert: it’s project management and design)

We’d already solved the design challenge by using professionally designed templates as the basis for your new site.  But how could we remove the project management, after all, the PM is the main driving force for a website project.

The good news? For small and simple sites we were looking at project management could be removed as the project is small enough for a Developer to manage directly.

This means we can offer you the same quality website while keeping costs down, without cutting quality.

  • We use the same development team and pre-built templates as our other plans for our “done with you” option
  • You’ll receive a secure, fully managed, business optimised WordPress website at a much lower cost.
  • You’ll be in the driving seat and you’ll engage directly with your assigned Developer
  • We’ll set everything up in our project collaboration tool, BaseCamp, to keep things organised.

Your site can be ready in as little as a week.

Need changes later? No problem – your plan includes 30 minutes of technical support time for additional development – no more surprise bills. Just raise a request through our ServiceDesk and it’s taken care of. No drama.

Perfect for startups and businesses with simple website requirements.  Ready in as little as a week and fully managed with hosting included.
/month for 12 months

Design & Build

  • Beautiful pre-designed layouts used as a site blueprint
  • Up to 6 sections styled to present your business
  • We will suggest and produce for review a website mockup in your brand colours
  • All template elements can be adjusted to perfectly match your brand
  • Custom page designs may require a supplemental charge

Website Features

  • A new single-page WordPress website built using the popular Elementor site builder
  • Email opt-in to add subscribers to your list
  • Perfect on any device or screen size

Care Plan Included

  • Up to 12 months of hosting and website management is included (Site Basics)
  • 30m of Developer Support each month included

Fanatical about support

Your website will be “done with you” meaning we’ll assign you a Developer to build your new site. Where you have all your content available, this can be in as little as a week.  This is a fixed price website, there are no hidden costs.

We use a collaboration tool called BaseCamp to track everything we do so you can easily track progress.

You’ll upload your content and we’ll add this to the site when available.

We’ve built Gorillahub providing first-class ongoing support and its one of the main reasons our clients stay year after year.

Your plan includes 30 minutes of technical support time each month. When you need something doing, such as a change or a fix, just send a request to our ServiceDesk and it’s taken care of.  All time is tracked and reported in your account.

Getting Started

1. Order online

Simply order online and set your Direct Debit up.  We’ll send you a welcome email explaining what happens next and how to book your Project Kickoff Call.

2. Get organised

For a successful project we recommend thinking about a few things now

  1. Make a list of websites you like that would work for your business to help with the design stage
  2. Collate any design assets your already have (logo, colours and fonts)
  3. Think about the content you want on your new website
  4. If you are including your own images, organise these
3. Let’s get going

We’ll start by setting up your project and a staging website we’ll be building your site on.  We’ll also invite you to book your Project Kickoff call to meet and confirm your requirements.

92% of our clients stay with us after their first year because of our relentless focus on service 

Superb! From start to finish the guys keep me updated daily
Superb! From start to finish the guys keep me updated daily
David Burton, CEO, Total Market Solutions
Read More
Attention to detail was key, and the guys were available at times to fit in with me and make me feel like a valued customer rather than so many other organisations when you are made to feel second rate and fit in with them! Highly recommended.
 I highly recommend them.
I highly recommend them.
Karen Meade, Director of Operations, Windsor Horse Rangers
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After years of trying to muddle through trying to fix our web-site issues on our own it was such a relief to partner with GorillaHub. They take all the hassle out of looking after and updating our web-site
Using Gorillahub has been the right choice
Using Gorillahub has been the right choice
Geoff Allen, Owner, Travallen Travel
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Whenever I’ve requested changes however small or large, the work has been carried out efficiently and professionally
 I would not hesitate to recommend them further.
I would not hesitate to recommend them further.Lauren Davey, D&M Kitchens
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We are a new customer who’s new website has just been uploaded and have no worries about our future with GorillaHub in regards to further additions/amendments to our website.
They made light work of what I initially thought was quite a tricky website
They made light work of what I initially thought was quite a tricky websiteJoe Tickner, Ascot Promotions
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The aftercare from GorillaHub is just as good as the attention and support you get throughout the build. I am so happy I chose GorillaHub for our website build.
All done with professionalism and humour.
All done with professionalism and humour. Pascal August, Move Mountains Travel
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GorillaHub have done and continue to do a great job for Move Mountains, from website development to site management packages and more.
Order today and we’ll get your Developer assigned and your Project Kickoff call organised to bring your new site to life.
Connect with your favourite platforms
We’ll hook up and install tracking codes to any social network for interactive feeds and sharing. Use email marketing? Your new site’s opt-ins will be connected to your email marketing platform to drive growth.
We’ll host it too
Nothing more to pay – your plan includes website hosting for 12m.
Making life difficult for hackers
We take security seriously and deploy cutting-edge security tools and our own monitoring tools to help prevent hacking and malware impacting your business.
Get your business found
We’ll ensure your site is ready for Google with technical SEO setup and help with Google Search Console & Analytics setup.

FAQ’s, need help?

We’ve got you covered, browse our topics below or ask on chat

Q:  Can I order and pay online each month?
A:  Yes.  All plan payments are online via Direct Debit


Q:  Can I pay in full instead of Direct Debit?
A:  Sure. Drop us a message and we'll send you an invoice


Q:  Who actually owns the website?
A:  During the first year, we retain ownership of the site (not your content) until the balance is paid off.  At this point, website ownership transfers to you.


Q:  What happens after the first year?
A:  If you'd like us to continue managing, hosting and supporting your website then you'll move to a Care Plan.  If , instead, you are leaving us at that stage (we've not had one yet) we'll package and supply your site for you to transfer to your new provider. 


Q:  Are there any additional costs?
A:  No.  Our Website Plan prices are all published and fixed.  Should your requirements change during the build there may be additional work needed and this will be discussed with you at the time if it requires an adjustment to your monthly fee.

Q:  How long does it take to build a website?
A:  We can build a website in as little as a week.


Q:  Will my site look like my competitors?
A:  No, unlike some of our competitors, we don't limit your choices to a few generic templates.  We will customise every template to perfectly fit your brand.


Q:  Can I change the images?
A:  Of course, you can supply your own images and/or  find stock images you can use that will fit the design


Q:  Can I change the layout?
A:  Absolutely.  You have full control over how you'll site will look to make it perfectly fit your personality & brand. 


Q:  I don't have a brand (or I don't want to use it).  Is this a problem?
A:  It depends.  We can build using what you have already but you might want our designers to create something fresh and new, from a simple logo redraw up to a full rebrand.

Q:  Do I need to do any updates?
A:  No - and we recommend you don't as we'll review and test on a copy of your website where needed.


Q:  Are all plugins included?
A:  Yes, free plugins are included in all plans.  Premium (paid) plugins are installed with Site Management, Standard Website and Premium plans.


Q:  Do you look after security?
A:  Yes.  We take security very seriously and set it up to be as secure as is practical.  We keep a close eye on your site and should the worst happen, recover it as a priority.

Q:  How do I make changes to my website?
A:  You are free to make changes yourself to content to layouts using the Elementor builder, but with up to 60 minutes of support time available each month most of our clients ask us to do it.


Q:  How do I get support?
A:  Simply visit our ServiceDesk and log a request for our technical team to sort for you.


Q:  If I don't use my support time, does it rollover?
A:  No, your support time is reset monthly


Q:  What happens if I have outstanding changes to make and I run out of time?
A:  For routine changes, we'll finish them up for you, recording the additional time, (fair use applies). For bigger requests, we'll ask you to purchase some TimeBank to cover the work.


Q:  What can I ask for help with?
A:  Anything.  We can sort most issues out for you.  We cant help you lose weight, find a boyfriend, change a tyre or pick an anniversary present, however.

Q:  Is hosting included?
A:  Yes, hosting is included with all website and care plans.


Q:  Do you offer premium hosting
A:  Yes.  Our standard hosting used 20i and SiteGround but if you need extra speed we offer premium hosting on Amazon Web Services


Q:  Can I use my own hosting?
A:  Yes, but we may not be able to offer our full set of features, therefore we recommend we host your site.


Q:  Is an SSL certificate included or will it cost extra?
A:  Yes an SSL certificate is included and managed by us


Q:  Is email included?
A:  Yes it can be as an optional extra, we can set you up on Microsoft 365 for reliable business email

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