Emergency WordPress Support

Emergency WordPress Support for your hacked, unavailable or broken small business website.  Immediate problem diagnosis and fix

Immediate support for critical problems

Priority WordPress developer support to quickly recover from critical website failures

At a glance
Emergency WordPress support for critical fault diagnosis & recovery


You need emergency WordPress support

It’s all gone wrong.  Your small business’s website has vanished.  In its place is a blank screen, an obscure error or a jumbled mess of code.  Perhaps it is much, much worse and you have a home page that is definitely not suitable for work.

Perhaps your site looks OK but then the complaints come in from your customers that that cant pay, book, log in or access what they need.  The website has failed your business created a monumental headache for you.

Somebody recommends a developer they know but he’s not able to help for a few days.

You know the reputation you have worked so hard to build up all these years is being damaged and need this all to go away right now.  You start to panic and start clicking on plugin updates, scouring Google for advice and as each hour goes by the problems mount up and that headache worsens.  You worry that reputation is being chipped away a little more.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Why not have a professional WordPress developer from a trusted UK company calmly assess the situation instead?  We have experienced in all the common critical WordPress problems, from hacking, malware, broken updates, plugin conflicts, PHP code issues.  You name it – we can fix it.  What you might think is disastrous is often routine for us – after all, we manage dozens of websites for businesses just like yours.

Emergency WordPress help means we will attempt to fix it your website there and then if we can, or suggest a recovery plan if we can’t.

Either way, you will feel a wave of relief wash over you as you realise you are in safe hands and you can confidently tell your customers the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

How we work with you

We understand managing the problem is often as important as fixing it so we will work with you to help communicate with your customers and, depending on the problem, we can replace your site with a page explaining your site is undergoing essential maintenance if this makes sense to do so.

You’ll receive email updates every step of the way through our Client ServiceDesk or you can chat directly to your assigned developer using our online chat.  We’ll safely work on your site and may take a copy to fix and then restore to avoid any further damage.  Finally, we’ll install and configure any of our recommended security and management plugins to help the problem reoccurring in the future.

Simply buy Emergency WordPress Support to get your critical business website problem diagnosed and fixed now

Website availability

  • Hack cleanup
  • PHP issues
  • Database problems

Restore website revenue

  • E-commerce problems
  • Booking problems
  • Payment failures

User problems

  • Membership site problems
  • Log-in failures
  • Broken key website features

Immediate support

After placing your order, you’ll be asked to submit your request through our ServiceDesk for review.

We will immediately assign your WordPress Developer to assess the problem and start diagnosing the problem and fix required.

What's included?

Emergency WordPress Support is designed to get to the root of your business website problem quickly.  Many critical fixes can be delivered within 60 minutes so additional time may not be required.

Should the fix need more than one hour of support time, you’ll be asked to top up a TimeBank and any unused time will remain in your account for future use.

We’re WordPress recovery experts
We’ll immediately task a WordPress developer to look at recovery options for your site
Safety is paramount
We’ll ensure no further damage can occur and will take a copy of your site to work on if needed
We’ll fix it for free
If you are interested in one of our Care Plans to prevent re-occurrence, then we will credit your account with 100% of the cost as a thank you for joining GorillaHub
One-stop support
Our ServiceDesk provides a single view for all support activity and history. Unlike email, all updates are visible across the whole team to ensure nothing is missed

FAQ’s, Need help?

We’ve got you covered, browse and search our topics below

Q:  Is hosting included?
A:  Yes, hosting is included with all website and care plans

Q:  Do I need to do any updates?
A:  No - and we recommend you don't as we'll review and test on a copy of your website where needed.


Q:  Are all plugins included?
A:  Yes, free plugins are included in all plans.  Premium (paid) plugins are installed with Site Management, Standard Website and Ecommerce plans

Q:  How long does it take to build a website?
A:  We can build a website in as little as a week

Q:  Will my site look like my competitors?
A:  No, we will modify every template to fit your brand, with your own images and content, so it's unlikely you'll find another that is identical.  We have over 1000 to choose from!


Got a project you’d like to discuss?

Our client support team are available to guide you through the creative process and answer all of your questions from technical support to a new website project you’d like to discuss, we’re here to help.