Client Feedback: Flying Without Fear

Flying Without Fear is a school based in the UK teaching people on how to overcome their fear of flying.

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Keith Godfrey Flying without Fear

Captain Keith Godfrey


“Like almost every business owner I depend upon a stable and reliable platform for my three websites.  I need good and up to date advice, I need problems to be fixed as soon as possible and I need the sites to be available 24/7.  Gorillahub give me all that.

Most importantly I know that their support and customer care is about my needs, if I mess up the formatting on my site I know they’ll patiently resolve the problem as soon as they can. If I need help with design changes I know that the advice they give me will be spot on. They are always up to date with changes in legislation and SEO requirements so I know that if changes are needed they’ll keep me informed and advise me.

Their design and technical teams are friendly, capable and have an obvious enthusiasm for working with their customers. They have an excellent support system and I always know exactly what’s happening at any time. I have total confidence in them …how many times can you say that about anything nowadays?

Brilliant. Thanks guys.”


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