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Craig Harffey

Don’t let your website get locked up

While the prospect of a “website in a box” might appeal initially, you might find yourself stuck with it. Find out how your site might be taken prisoner and how to avoid it.

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Craig Harffey

Security issue in Woocommerce 3.4.5 – update required

A recently published vulnerability in Woocommerce version 3.4.5 could allow attackers to take over an account with the Shop Manager role and gain full Admin privileges. This flaw has been fixed in Woocommerce 3.4.6 and you are advised to update at the earliest opportunity

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The things that make us mad #1: Domain names

Everyone has their pet hates. The things that make them want to scream inside when they see it. The website industry is no different and there’s plenty of things going on to scream about. So we’re going to share some of our biggest pet hates with the industry – and give you practical tips to avoid getting mad yourself.