About Us

The GorillaHub Way

Since launching our business in 2015, we’ve learned plenty about what successful small business owners want from a professional web agency.

While many loved the idea of working with a local office full of creatives, account managers, project managers and web developers, they found this level of service cost-prohibitive.

They also found working remotely with freelancers too difficult, even though it was comparatively cheaper. When things went wrong those business owners found themselves alone, frantically scrabbling around trying to find someone to help and fix their problems.

We decided to do something very different and create a range of fixed price website and care plans designed to give small business owners the ability to choose packages to suit their budget, time constraints and technical support requirements.

We felt passionate about being transparent on pricing to avoid the all too common  “get in touch for a quote” button that left a feeling of doubt the final bill would be significantly higher.

Our services would be purchased and delivered online and we’d find the best talent from around the world to deliver it.  

We would include hosting and support that allowed our clients to carry over unused support time and bank it for when they needed it most. That just seemed the right thing to do.

We would offer fanatical support to stand above our competition,  using our founders’ vast experience in operational management & service delivery honed within organisations such as Barclays, Intel,  British Airways & the Royal Navy.

Most importantly, we would live by our motto: Speed. Simplicity. Service

Our approach


Like Harry S Truman, we believe that imperfect action beats perfect inaction every time.  Your new business website should be the same.  Go with what’s ready and keep adding to it.

Our delivery process, design templates and pre-built components are all designed to work together to get you a modern and visually appealing website in the shortest possible timeframe.   

With your website being fully managed and including development time each month for changes, we’ll work with you to improve your site as your business evolves.


We truly believe simplicity is beautiful and our founders spent untold hours throughout their careers in corporate IT fighting unnecessary complexity.

We created Gorillahub Online to showcase the idea of and simple fixed price websites for successful Small Businesses.

While we love to design and build amazing tech, we use ‘off the shelf’ where possible sites as we believe this usually the right thing.  


Unlike most agencies, we only supply fully managed websites, so service delivery is the bedrock our client relationships are built on. Most of our clients renew with us year after year because of our fanatical support and focus on service delivery.

Our online ServiceDesk provides an easy way to communicate with our tech team to solve problems or plan website changes. While you focus on growing your business, let the experts take care of your website.

Your personalised My Support page is where you’ll find your support time reports and throughout 2021 we will be adding more dashboards to show you what you need to know.

Our Founders

graham jones

Graham Jones

Graham is our chief Gorilla and the driving force behind GorillaHub, responsible for the overall company management, finance, sales and account management.Having worked for major organisations such as British Airways, Intel Online Services, Barclays and Santander, Graham has a wealth of experience in the delivery of successful global brands.Graham is passionate about helping businesses maximise their potential through the use of digital services and takes care to ensure our services exceed expectations.

Craig Harffey

Craig Harffey

Keeping the machine running is the responsibility of Craig, our techy gorilla. He looks after all things technical including infrastructure, systems automation, platforms and applications.Craig is a specialist in process engineering and reporting and uses this to create a number of technology solutions to improve service delivery and website security and management.Prior to starting his own businesses, Craig has held various operations management positions in hosting / data centres, managed services and IT support over the last 20 years.

Need a little more?

Although we are well-known for our fixed price websites and direct small business website services, we also provide a bespoke design, advanced web development and website management projects and services in a more consultative way ideal for larger companies through our parent agency GorillaHub.


Have a requirement you’d like to discuss?

We would love to have a chat, find out about your business and answer all of your questions from anything from technical support to a new website.