Please don’t neglect your domain renewals…

This morning we woke up to an overnight ticket in our support system warning a client’s domain was expiring today.

The ticket was automatically created from one of the many checks we perform on our 24*7 monitoring system. We really geek out about this stuff. 25yrs experience tends to do that so we have checks for all sorts.

A quick text message to our client who told us the auto-renewal had failed (normal culprit: expired card) and she very quickly remedied. So a mini-drama averted thanks to some advanced planning and having the right tools and processes in place.

Sadly, we’ve also had people come to us not as lucky, having lost their domain they’ve worked so hard to build up. And others that found out the hard way about who actually owns their domain.


This stuff is boring to most (normal) people as everyone gets excited about the shiny stuff.

But it’s not the shiny stuff that can wreck your business in an instant.

It’s also the stuff a Fiverr / Upwork developer doesn’t think about.

Luckily for our clients we do and our Care Plans are built on a solid foundation of this sort of boring (but mega important) stuff

So what can you do to avoid a nasty surprise?

  • put dates in your diary for domain renewals
  • make sure you know who your domain registrar is
  • and know how to login your account

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