Weekly Roundup – 26th January 2020

Cookie-less website user tracking and programming the Raspberry Pi : See what has been going on at GorillaHub this week.

Another busy week for us this week with a high number of support requests including:

  • Replacing annual policies for a logistics company – around 12 pages / documents
  • Adding new functionality to an e-commerce website with a new call-to-action form
  • Functionality and new page coding changes on a large retailers site

On the Projects side we had lots of OS scripting work on Raspberry Pi for a new media and advertising platform upgrade underway, with 2 new team members joining us for this project.

We’ve been working on cookieless visitor analytics and advanced website behaviour tracking for an agency customer – very exciting technology.

We’ve continued rolling out My Support and most of our customers now have access to their requests and support time allocation usage and time remaining directly and updated real-time.

On Thursday we spent most of the day on a customer visit, meeting the team and discussion new projects and ideas to improve their infrastructure and website security.

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