Welcome to Ascot Promotions

A new ecommerce site for local personalised workwear supplier coming soon.

We love working with local businesses.

For a number of years, we have been a customer of Ascot Promotions so we are loving the opportunity to emulate the service they have given us in the past. No pressure then..!

Established in 1999, Ascot Promotions is a family run business based in Berkshire which specialises in supplying printed and embroidered clothing for both commercial and personal use.

In need of a website refresh and the addition of some new features to streamline their business, Ascot Promotions subscribed to an enhanced Standard Website Plan which will offer their customers a fast and easy to use site with which to engage with them and place orders directly.

Look out for their new website in the coming weeks and in the meantime if you need any embroidered workwear or promotional clothing we highly recommend them.


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