GorillaHub Unlimited

Emergency WordPress Support for your hacked, unavailable or broken small business website.  Immediate problem diagnosis and fix

/ month
Assemble your support superheroes

Grow your business with unlimited requests to our expert team and get things done fast.

At a glance
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Unlimited priority graphic design, technical and online systems advice with personalised support channels.


Whatever you need, whenever you need it

Do you often have things to do in your business you wish you could just snap your fingers and get it taken care of?

Maybe it’s some graphics for your social media.  Maybe it’s setting up email marketing on your website.  Perhaps it’s some advice on changing your business email after too many are ending up being flagged for spam.

To hire these skills directly would cost you thousands so you go without.

But what if there was a different way?

Flex your team instead.

Instead of looking for your own permanent hires or trying to find the right people on the internet, why not let us take care of it instead?

We’ll help you with anything from advice, technical support or graphics design.

Our Unlimited Plan includes everything we offer for one fixed price


Supercharge your team and get all the help you need through your own personal support channel.

Graphic Design

  • Graphics for print & online
  • Social media
  • Static or animated

Advice on tap

  • Strategic or tactical
  • Bite-sized action plans
  • Just call when needed

Marketing help

  • Email marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Platform integrations & setup

What's included?

Everything.  Consider us a member of your team and just ask.

Unlimited design and revisions, unlimited development, unlimited research and advice.  Send as many requests through as you need – we’ll work on 2 requests at a time in the order you need them fulfilled.

Support your way

As an alternative to our ServiceDesk, you can also whatever channel you find the most convenient.  Choose from:

  • Text message
  • Mobile or Video call
  • WhatsApp
  • FB Messenger
  • Email

Chat direct to the best member of our team for the job, from our Directors to a Designer.  They’ll log, prioritise and manage your requests for you.

Unlimited Time
Is it really unlimited? Absolutely – send as much as you need – we’ll work on 2 requests at a time, in the order you need them.
What can I ask for?
Anything – we’ll help with graphic design, website development, technical support and advice.
Hosting and Care Plan worth £99/mo
Managed website hosting and our premium Care Plan, Site Management, is included
One-stop support
Our ServiceDesk provides a single view for all support activity and history. Unlike email, all updates are visible across the whole team to ensure nothing is missed

FAQ’s, Need help?

We’ve got you covered, browse and search our topics below

Q:  Is hosting included?
A:  Yes, hosting is included with all website and care plans

Q:  Do I need to do any updates?
A:  No - and we recommend you don't as we'll review and test on a copy of your website where needed.


Q:  Are all plugins included?
A:  Yes, free plugins are included in all plans.  Premium (paid) plugins are installed with Site Management, Standard Website and Ecommerce plans

Q:  How long does it take to build a website?
A:  We can build a website in as little as a week

Q:  Will my site look like my competitors?
A:  No, we will modify every template to fit your brand, with your own images and content, so it's unlikely you'll find another that is identical.  We have over 1000 to choose from!


Got a project you’d like to discuss?

Our client support team are available to guide you through the creative process and answer all of your questions from technical support to a new website project you’d like to discuss, we’re here to help.